T-minus 1 Day

January 7, 2007

Basically, I spent the whole day packing, doing last-minute shopping at the 100 yen store, and getting myself organized.

I realized today that I haven’t yet disclosed my itinerary, so here it is:

Tomorrow arrive Bangkok (and get out ASAP)
2 weeks in Central and Northern Thailand
2 weeks in Laos
1 month in Vietnam
2 weeks in Cambodia
2 weeks in Thailand’s Southern islands
1 month in Malaysia and Singapore

Beyond that, I don’t know our detailed itinerary. We’ll go where the wind takes us. Although we’d like to think of ourselves as intrepid travelers exploring the unknown wilds of Indochine, we’re basically heading along a very standard route, sticking to major cities and tourist attractions. For those prone to worrying (you know who you are), relax. We’ll be surrounded by other backpackers, always within a day of an internet cafe, and thanks to my paranoia, we won’t do anything too dangerous.

See you on the “other side.”


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