The Backpackers Ghetto

January 9, 2007

Khao San Road, Bangkok’s infamous backpackers hub, has been described in many ways, but here’s my take.

 Do you remember that scene in the first Star Wars, where Obi-wan takes a young Luke Skywalker to that sketchy town with the sketchy bar and it’s noisy and chaotic with all kinds of weird, yet jaded-looking aliens sneering and drinking?

 That’s Khao San Road.

Last night, as our taxi pushed through the hoards of tanned, tattooed backpackers strolling casually through the middle of the street, I thought “Holy crap, where am I?”  Fifty-year old men with Robinson Crusoe-esque beards, sitting on stoops, alone, save for their bottle of beer.  Girls, with either shaved or dreaded heads, and pierced everything, strutting around with their tummies pooching over their hippy skirts.  Okay, I shouldn’t be so judgemental.  It’s not like I’m going to be a fashion queen on this trip either.

But it definitely feels like another world.  I’ll post pictures when I remember to bring my USB cord to the internet cafe. 

 Okay, here is the promised picture:KSR in the morning


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